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The Sims 4 cheats: A comprehensive list of cheat codes for Xbox, PS4, PS5 and PC

The Sims 4 is a popular life simulation game that allows players to create and control virtual people, known as Sims, and their homes. As you progress through the game, you may find that you need a little help to get ahead. That’s where cheat codes come in. Cheat codes are special commands that players can enter into the game to gain an advantage or access hidden features. In this article, we’ll provide a full list of cheat codes for The Sims 4 that you can use on Xbox, PS4, PS5, and PC.

The Sims 4 cheat codes can be used in a variety of ways, such as to gain more money, increase your Sims’ skills and attributes, or even change the weather. To enter cheat codes in the game, you first need to open the command console. On Xbox and PS4, you can do this by pressing all four shoulder buttons at the same time. On PC, press the “Ctrl+Shift+C” keys. Once the command console is open, you can enter the cheat codes.

Here is a list of some of the most popular cheat codes for The Sims 4 on Xbox, PS4, PS5, and PC:

  • Money Cheats:
  • “motherlode” – Gives your Sim 50,000 Simoleons
  • “kaching” – Gives your Sim 1,000 Simoleons
  • Skill Cheats:
  • “stats.set_skill_level [skillname] [1-10]” – Sets the specified skill to the desired level for your Sim.
  • Career Cheats:
  • “careers.promote [careername]” – Promotes your Sim in the specified career
  • “careers.demote [careername]” – Demotes your Sim in the specified career
  • Weather Cheats:
  • “weather.toggle_freeze” – Freezes the current weather
  • “weather.summon_storm” – Summons a storm
  • “weather.summon_lightning_strike” – Summons a lightning strike
  • Build and Buy Cheats:
  • “bb.moveobjects” – Allows you to move objects that are normally not movable
  • “bb.enablefreebuild” – Allows you to build anywhere on the lot, even if it’s not owned
  • Other Cheats:
  • “death.toggle” – Turns off the death for your Sims
  • “headlineeffects off” – Turns off the plumbob and thought balloons above your Sims’ heads

It’s worth noting that using cheat codes can sometimes have unintended consequences, so use them at your own risk. Some cheat codes also disable achievements and trophies, so keep that in mind if you’re playing on Xbox, PS4, or PS5.

In conclusion, cheat codes can be a great way to give yourself a helping hand in The Sims 4. Whether you’re looking to gain more money, increase your Sims’ skills and attributes, or change the weather, there’s a cheat code that can help you achieve your goals. Just be sure to use them responsibly and enjoy the game.

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