Clash of Clans : Spring Festival-limited Lunar Queen is on the way

A great deal of Spring Festival-limited content and benefits are coming to players of Clash of Clans (COC).

Clash of Clans update

With plenty of game content based on the Zodiac "Rabbit", the game celebrates the Chinese Spring Festival of the Rabbit Year with players worldwide

Year of the Rabbit

The COC publicity video presented 'Magic Theatre', which was designed specifically for the Rabbit Year Spring Festival.

 'Magic Theatre'

The Wizard performed his signature magic on the stage of the theater, recalling his fellow rabbit.

Skin designed for Spring Festival of the Rabbit Year

In the end, the Wizard returns to the stage with the rabbit, while the light and shadow remain at the back. This suggests that the Lunar Queen, the real hero, is on the way

Lunar Queen on the way

The Rabbit Lantern from the publicity video will be incorporated into the game as obstacles. A sculpture decoration with the wizard and rabbit elements, called the Magic Show statue, will also be included.

Clash of Clans update

During the Spring Festival, all the hero skins, village scenery, and decorations will be released, which players will be able to buy or obtain through challenge tasks.

How to buy hero skins, decorations?

If you're a loyal Clash of Clans player, don't miss your chance to get the treasure!

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