Gaming setup ideas for small room

Wall-mounted monitor

This can save a lot of desk space and make your gaming setup look sleek.

Compact keyboard and mouse

A smaller keyboard and mouse can help free up desk space.

Laptop setup

A laptop with a good graphics card can be a great option for a small gaming setup.

Vertical tower

A vertical tower can save a lot of floor space, and it can also help keep your components cool.

Multi-purpose furniture

Consider using furniture that can be used for gaming and other activities, such as a foldable desk or a gaming chair that doubles as a regular chair.


Instead of a PC, you could opt for a console setup which requires less space and can be easily moved around.

Wireless peripheral

Wireless peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, and headset can help minimize clutter and free up desk space.


Use ambient lighting to create a gaming atmosphere while also saving space.