Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to Unlock Pokemon-Themed Outfits 

Pokemon Legends: Arceus offers a variety of clothing options, but you must unlock the Pokemon-themed outfits - here's how.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Outfits

You can earn Pokemon-themed Kimono Sets by completing Anthe's optional Requests or completing the Pokedex enterie

Pokemon-themed Kimono Sets

Fancy Kimonos and Fancy Bottoms feature color palettes inspired by Pokemon, such as Cherrim and Honchkrow. These are different from Pokemon Kimono and Pokemon Bottoms. Pokemon Kimonos and Bottoms are based on Pokemon Types such as Fairy-type or Grass-type.

Fancy Kimonos and Fancy Bottoms

The cost of fancy kimonos is 3200, while the cost of fancy bottoms is 2800. The majority of sets will be available in-game, but some will only be available as Mystery Gifts.

Fancy kimonos and fancy bottoms' cost

Fancy Bottoms are unlocked in the same way as Fancy Kimonos. Jubilife Village's clothier will display both the kimono and bottoms when players complete the unlock condition.

Pokemon legends: Arceus clothes unlock

The story of Pokemon Legends: Arceus does not allow the player to obtain some Fancy Kimono sets. Sadly, some of the Pokemon titles require saved data from specific Pokemon titles on the Switch, while others are pre-order exclusives. To obtain these outfits, go to the Connections tab of the Menu and select Mystery Gift. Mystery Gifts can be obtained by Internet, local communication, or by code.

Go to Connections Tab of Menu

As most of the Fancy Kimono and Bottoms are locked behind Pokedex entries, it's much easier to just catch the Pokemon and have it in the Party to accomplish its Research Tasks.

Catch the Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon such as Giratina is reserved for the postgame or part of a series of Request-lines. The only way to reach Research Level 10 in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is to use each Legendary in battle. For a Research Task, speak with Zisu at the Training Grounds to "master" one of their moves.

Research Level 10 in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

It is possible to get the Hisui starter Pokemon after the main story has been completed. You can get the other two starters for free by speaking with Professor Laventon. To catch more starters for Research Tasks, players must find them in space-time distortions.

To catch  starters

The Rowlet/Cyndaquil/Oshawott Fancy Kimono sets unlock after obtaining them, so you don't need to complete the Pokedex Entry. Due to the rarity of these Pokemon, it's recommended that you attain Research Level 10 before evolving them.

Rowlet/Cyndaquil/Oshawott Fancy Kimono set